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Food Service

Gympie Packaging stocks a wide range of disposable food service items, including a range of environmentally friendly palm leaf plates and bowls. Sourced from the naturally shed Areca palm leaf sheath, the products are 100% natural and can withstand heat and moisture.

Australian made coffee cups which are 95% biodegradable, including the plastic lid. We can help you find the right products to present and serve your foods for a wide range of occasions. Whether you are a café, a catering business, stocking an office tearoom or having a party we can supply your food packaging.

  • Cups, Hot/cold/paper/foam
  • Plates, Plastic/paper/enviro/Pineleaf
  • Cutlery, Plastic/wood
  • Napkins, Coloured/dispenser/white/1/2ply
  • Paper, Greaseproof/tissue/Newsprint (Butchers paper)
  • Snack boxes, Chip cups/Chip boxes/foam containers
  • Clear containers, BSR/BSO/Shobowls/Sandwich wedges/salad packs
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